Neue Cura Version 13.12 erschienen

CuraDie beliebte Cura Software bekam jetzt kurz vor Weihnachten noch ein Update auf die Version 13.12.




Hier der Changelog im engl. Original:

  • Added an expert parameter for the wipe tower size, and made brim go around the wipe tower.
  • Added experimental support for printing with the Doodle3D Wifi box.
  • Updated object boundaries for multiple-object prints, allows for tighter fitting of objects on the build platform.
  • Updated time-estimate to greatly improve accuracy of the estimate.
  • Fixed problem with retractions not happening when they should.
  •  Added keyboard control for the 3D window to look around with cursor keys.

Und im gleichen Zuge kam auch noch ein Firmware Update für den Ultimaker 2. Der folgende Fehlerbehebungen und Extras beinhaltet:

  • Fixed bug in acceleration planning causing slow moves on rare occasions.
  • Fixed the problem where aborting a print did not always home to the head.
  • Disabled normal LCD menu curing USB printing.
  • Disable stepper drivers after print is finished or aborted, so you can manually move the head.