FaceScan – Change wall thickness

Some days ago we published our 3d-scanning app „FaceScan“ exclusively for the iPhone X in the App Store. The most commonly asked question today is the wall thickness of the exported 3D file.

Since the depth sensor in the facial scan really only covers the surface, the exported face of course also lacks the appropriate depth. If the STL file is loaded into the slicer, it will be 100% non-printable. For a 3D print, the wall thickness must be slightly modified. This can be done on the one hand with a fee-based software such as ZBrush, or quite simply with the free Blender. I would like to explain this short workflow with Blender here:

Blender is an incredibly complex 3D software that is available for free download here.
After the installation and the start of Blender, the automatically displayed cube can be deleted with the key „delete“.

Next, we load the saved STL file into Blender, using the import function.
If the STL file is now imported into Blender, it can also be created slightly larger with the help of the „Scale“ function. The Scale function is on the right side and hides under the little orange cube in the menu bar. The value 10 on each axis gives us a good result.

Let’s get to the most important point, the wall thickness. For this, the so-called „Solidify“ modifier must be loaded. Sounds complicated, but it’s a breeze:

In the bar where the orange cube is located, also a wrench can be seen. Click on it and the modifier tab opens. Another click on this button will open a variety of modifiers, where we choose the „Solidify“ (under Generate).

After clicking on Solidify the wall thickness of our scan changes. Experience has shown that this is still too thick and can be adjusted with the slider „Thickn“. A value of 0.0010 brings good results.

The final point is then the export of the modified STL file in any 3D format and the 3D printing nothing stands in the way.

FaceScan is currently only available for the iPhone X because it uses the built-in depth sensor for the 3D scan.