CURA Software 13.11.2 erhältlich

Für die Software für den Ultimaker Original und den Ultimaker 2 ist ein Update erschienen. CURA ist nun in der Version 13.11.2 erhältlich und steht natürlich kostenfrei zum Download bereit.

Folgende Änderungen bringt das Update mit sich (von der engl. Homepage):

  • Adjusted the gantry height to 55mm for the Ultimaker, as 60mm was 3mm to high for the default setup with an V2 hot-end in the Ultimaker Original.
  • Added no-go zones for Ultimaker 2 glass clips, to prevent damage to the nozzles on the Ultimaker 2.
  • Added ooze-shield for dual-color printing
  • Added wipe tower for dual-extrusion
  • Made sure the Ultimaker Original bed leveling wizard can not be used on the Ultimaker 2, as this causes problems.

Und das Firmware Update für den Ultimaker 2 – Version 13.11-2:

  • Fixed Ultimaker 2 build volume offset so that you do not print off the glass plate.
  • Slightly tweaked the filament change procedure so there is less chance of a blob staying behind.
  • Slightly tweaked the SD-Card error problems, solving a rare case of SD-Card read errors.
  • Added LED settings to Tune menu, so you can tune down the LED lighting during printing.
  • Start heating the nozzles when the bed is nearing its final temperature, so the nozzles do not sit hot.
  • Make sure all commands are finished before starting a print or changing material. This could cause issues when you where too fast.